Food Menu

Come and enjoy our sharing boards, selection of sandwiches, toasties and hot dishes. Please order at the bar when ready!

Food is available from –

Monday- (Open 5pm)- 18.00 to 21.00

Tuesday – Sat – 12:00 to 15:00 and 18.00 to 21:00

Sunday – 12.00 to 15.00 – But Pizzas will be served all day.

If you have a food allergy, intolerance or sensitivity, please let your member of staff know before you order. They will be able to suggest the best dish for you. Our dishes are prepared in areas where allergic ingredients are present so we cannot guarantee our dishes are 100% free of these ingredients.


All sharing boards are served with a selection of fresh breads, side salad, coleslaw and pickles. (Gluten free bread available)

Small (1-2 persons) Large (2-4 persons)

Slider Burger Board A selection of 5 or 10 mini burgers. Beef Burger, Chilli Burger, Cheese Burger, Pork & Chorizo Burger and Lamb and Mint Burger
Small £12.95 Large £20.95

Cheese Board Creamy Dorset Blue Vinny, French Brie, Nettle covered Cornish Yarg, 5 countries cheese and soigné ripened goats cheese.
Small £12.95 Large £20.95

Meat Board Duck Liver paté with Orange and Cointreau, Italian Salami Milano, Bresaola Magatello- Italian Beef and Scotch Eggs made on the premises.

Small £12.95 Large £20.95

Seafood Board Smoked Scottish salmon, Fantail king prawns, Devonshire Crab pate, Shrimp Salmon & Champagne Roulade and Smoked Mackerel.

Small £14.95 Large £24.95

Vegetarian Board Feta stuffed peppers, roasted root vegetables, olives, sour cream, fresh crudités, coleslaw & Hummus.

Small £9.95 Large £17.95

Sausage Board A selection of 5 or 10 sausages; Winter Warmer, Wild Boar, Pork & leek, Italian sausage and Venison.

Small £12.95 Large £15.95

Tapas Board Sun-dried tomatoes, sweet and sour balsamic onions, Feta stuffed peppers, cured meat, blue cheese, fresh breads, or stone baked garlic bread.

Small £12.95 Large £20.95

Indian Vegetarian Board Vegetable samosa, spinach, corn samosa, onion bhaji, aubergine rings and potato sauté.

Small £9.95 Large £16.95


Rocket , Cucumber, Tomato, Olives, Red Onion and Roasted Sweet Potato £8.00.

Or add an extra – Pesto Chicken, Tuna, Salmon or Prawn (£2.50),  or Cheese or Ham (£2.00)


Texas Chilli Board Spicy chilli con carne, Basmati white rice, nachos, sliced jalapeño and grated cheese. £11.95

Moroccan Lamb Rich complex flavour with Basmati white rice, chickpeas, apricots, harissa, hummus, fresh bread & butter.£13.95

Thai Curry Board Thai green curry with your choice of chicken or king prawn. Basmati white rice, prawn crackers and sweet chilli dip. £11.95

Paella Valencia An authentic dish that boasts some of Spain’s finest ingredients -Spanish paella rice, peppers, butter beans, chorizo sausage, nachos & tomato salsa  with a choice of chicken or king prawn. £11.95

Indian Butter Chicken Bonless Tandoori Chicken cooked in a creamy gravy of tomatoes, spices, nuts and butter, Basmati rice, chutney and naan bread. £12.95


All jacket potatoes served with side salad & coleslaw

Indian Style Chicken £7.15/Cheddar cheese £5.95/Cheddar cheese & baked beans £6.15/Cheddar cheese & homemade coleslaw £6.15 Cheddar cheese & bacon or ham £6.35/Tuna Mayonnaise £6.50 Tuna Mayonnaise & Cheddar cheese £6.65/Texas chilli £6.95/Texas chilli & cheddar cheese £7.15/King prawn & Marie Rose sauce £7.50 Coronation chicken £7.15,/Chicken & Pesto £7.15

We now also serve Barrel & Stone Stonebaked Pizzas and Piadines. Available to eat in or takeaway.

Rustic Classic Rustic combination of tangy La Bella San Marzano tomato and creamy Fior de Latte mozzarella. 12″ £9  8″ £5   Simply Salami Delicious cured Italian Napoli salami with tangy La Bella San Marzano tomato and Fior de Latte mozzarella. 12″ £11 8″ £7 The Works Smoked speck ham, cured Italian Napoli salami, fennel sausage, La Bella San Marzano tomato and creamy Fior de Latte mozzarella. 12″ £12.5 8″ £8  Sweet N’ Tangy Tangy goats cheese and sweet roasted peppadew peppers, pesto and La Bella San Marzano tomato sauce. 12″ £11 8″ £7 Nice N’ Spicy Sweet peppadew peppers and Fior de Latte mozzarella, La Bella San Marzano tomato, fiery salami, spicy Nduja sauce seasoned with authentic Calabrian chilies and spices. 12″ £11 8″ £7 Gone Trufflin’ Decadent mushroom and black truffle paste, smoky speck ham, wild mushrooms, Fior de Latte mozzarella. 12″ 11.5 8″ £7 Spaniard Navarra chorizo seasoned with smoked paprika, herbs & garlic, Pecorino Sheep’s Cheese, La Bella San Marzano tomatoes, fillet peppers, Grana Padano Parmesan and sprinkles of Oregano. 12″ £11.5 8″ £7.5                            

Barrel & Stone Piadine (Stonebaked Italian Flatbreads) – £6.95-

Speck Ham, Buffalo Mozzarella (DOP) & Rocket

Bresaola Beef, Horseradish, Shaved Parmesan & Rocket

Red Pesto, Buffalo Mozzarella, Sun Dried Tomato & Rocket (N)

Yellow Fin Tuna & Mayo, Sun Dried Tomato, Shaved Parmesan & Rocket

Beetroot, Tangy Goats Cheese & Rocket


Garlic Bread £4.25

Garlic N’ Mozzarella Bread with balsamic glaze £5.35 


All toasties, sandwiches & wraps are served with crisps and side salad!

Toasties (white or brown bread)

Pesto Chicken £5.95/Cheddar cheese £5.25/Ham & Cheddar cheese £5.95/Ham £5.50/Bacon £5.50/Cheddar cheese & onion or chutney £5.50/Tuna & mayonnaise £5.75/Tuna, mayonnaise & Cheddar cheese £5.95/French Brie & bacon £5.95/Duck paté & toast £6.15 Devonshire crab pate & toast £6.95

Sandwiches (white or brown bread)

Pesto Chicken £5.50/Cheddar cheese £4.95/Ham & cheddar cheese £5.50/ Ham £5.25/ Bacon £5.50/Cheese & onion or chutney £4.95 Tuna mayonnaise £5.50/Salmon £6.50/Coronation chicken £5.50 Salmon & cream cheese £6.95/Prawn with Marie Rose sauce £6.95 Devonshire crab pate £6.95

Tortilla Wrap Cheddar cheese £4.95/Ham & Cheddar cheese £5.50, Ham £5.25/Bacon, lettuce & tomato £5.50/ Tuna mayonnaise £5.50/Tuna mayonnaise & Cheddar cheese £5.75/Smoked salmon £5.95/Smoked salmon & cream cheese £6.25/ King prawn & Marie Rose sauce £6.25/Sweet chilli chicken £5.75/Coronation chicken £5.75/Texas Chilli & Cheddar Cheese £6.25/Chicken & Pesto £5.75


Selection of fresh breads, oil & balsamic vinegar £4.50

Melange Provençal pitted olives £3.50

Warmed Camembert with fresh bread & Caramelised  Onion Marmalade £8.95

Large Nachos with Cheddar Cheese, jalapeno, sour cream, Guacamole & salsa £8.95 (Small £4.95)

Large Nachos with chilli con carne Cheddar Cheese, sour cream £9.95 (Small £5.95)

Warmed scotch egg & Dijon mustard £4.50

Fried Root vegetables & sour cream dip £3.50

Crisps & nuts available at the bar £1.00 per packet

Cashew & pistachio nuts £2.50 per bowl


Start your day with a great coffee or one of our speciality teas along with a fresh patisserie.

Cake of the day £1.95 per slice

Freshly baked to order (20 mins) Butter croissant £1.80

Freshly baked to order (20 mins) Pain au chocolate £2.00


Served with cream, ice cream or custard!

Hot chocolate torte (gluten free) £4.75

Ginger sponge pudding £4.50

Toffee sponge pudding £4.50

Strawberry cheesecake (gluten free) £4.75

Apple & Blackberry Crumble £4.50